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Frozen 2 Joint Wings

Chickens in bulk, frozen 2 Joint Wings. Our HALAL-certified Frozen 2 Joint Wings without Inner Fillet and advanced manufacturing facilities are ISO certified.


We can export frozen chicken Wings wholesale to every part of the world without any problem. We export to the EU, China, Hong Kong, Middle East, and Africa. Our frozen whole chicken is hand slaughter with regards to the Islamic (HALAL) Norms and international requirements.

Frozen Chicken Specifications:

Washed and clean.

No blood.

No bad smell.

Without yellow skin.

No feathers.

No bruises.

Broken bones: under 3%.

Moisture content: less than 1%.

No black pads.

Drainage: 0 to -5°C for 8 hours.

No traces of carved deep wounds.

No ammonia burns.

Blasted at: -40°C.

Storage at: -18°C

100% Fresh and Frozen

Safe for human consumption​

INSPECTION: BV or S.G.S Inspection for Quality & Quantity at Seller’s Cost Documents provided after shipping:​
One set signed invoice and packing list

Full set of clean shipped on the board ocean bill of lading

Certificate of origin.

SGS inspection report.

Health Certificate

Halal Certificate

Commercial Invoice and others


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