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Frozen Chicken Wings

Certifications: HALAL, ISO, HACCP
Shell Life: 18 – 24 Months
Payment Terms:   T/T , Escrow
Delivery Time: 5 – 10 Days
Packing: 27 MT and 1350 Cartons in 40ft Container.
Halal Frozen(2 X 10) Poly Bag, 20 Kg. Carton box, poly bag / carton box
No water retention
Frozen in block form
Packing: 27 MT and 1350 Cartons in 40ft Container.
Halal Frozen(4 X 5) Poly Bag, 20 Kg. Carton box, poly bag / carton box
No water retention
Frozen in block form
frozen whole chicken
cooking a whole frozen chicken
bake a whole frozen chicken
whole chicken wing


You’ve come to the right place if you want to buy frozen chicken wings. We always make sure to give you high-quality products, and we care about what you want and need.

Wholesale Frozen Chicken Wings Exporter
At jcg-food.com, we sell frozen chicken wings in bulk better than anyone else in the business. China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has given their approval to the high quality of our goods (CIQ).

Bulk Sale Fresh Chicken Wings – Wholesale Frozen Chicken Wings Supplier
100% Halal Items
100% fresh and frozen organic food

Exports include a lot of chicken wings with middle sections, wings with three sections, wing tips, and whole chicken wings. Our chicken wings are halal, and our production facility is ISO-certified and state-of-the-art. We’re giving a 20% discount right now. We also offer frozen chicken parts such as: Premium Frozen Drumsticks, Best Frozen Chicken Gizzards, Premium Frozen Whole Chicken, Fresh Frozen Chicken Feet, Frozen Chicken Livers for sale, Frozen Chicken Hearts, Frozen Chicken Thighs, Frozen Chicken Breasts, Frozen Chicken Feet.

One of the biggest exporters in the world, jcg-food.com, supplies and ships delicious frozen chicken wings all over the world to meet the demand. In our factory, we use the right tools to get the chicken out easily and give it the right direction from its skull. For certain tasks, the right tools, like push rods and hooks, are used. Customers can buy chicken wings in different ways, depending on what they want.

No matter how they are cooked, chicken wings are a great option for a meal. On our site, you can order as many businesses as you want. There are no artificial preservatives in any of the chicken products we sell. They were born there and are safe to use. We wash the meat before we pack it, so there won’t be any blood spots on it. Chicken wings are frozen the right way so that they stay fresh all the way from United States to you.

The Best Frozen Chicken Wings, Buy Wholesale Frozen Chicken Wings For Sale The best frozen chicken wings are packed in a big 20kg carton. The taste of our products is different from the taste of other products on the market. Chicken wings are good for you and can be made tasty in many different ways. No matter what kind of cooking you like, you can choose the method that fits you best.

The quality of our products depends on how fresh they are, so keeping the cuts frozen is the best way to keep their flavor and freshness. Also, it’s important to know that these wings don’t have any extra preservatives. The only way to keep them fresh is to keep them frozen.

Frozen chicken wings.
Why our frozen chicken wings are the best choice
Many things make our chicken wings a good choice.
First of all, the product is neat and clean. This gives you an idea of how good the product is and why you should buy it.

Second, our chicken wings can be ordered with or without the skin. This makes sense given the variety of the chicken market and the fact that people have different tastes when it comes to chicken skin.

Third, to keep the product fresh for longer, it has less than 5% moisture and is fresh frozen. Fourth, the chicken wings don’t have any cuts or blood spots, which is different from most chicken products.

Other signs that this product was made just for you are that it doesn’t come with chicken feathers and that the chicken bones are still whole. When the package is delivered, the customer can finally choose how the whole thing should look. This is called “custom delivery,” and it should give people who want to buy this chicken wing another option.

This is the last reason for the final choice of wings, including the fact that customers can buy the relatively small 10kg size either in polyethylene packaging or in boxes.

Making chicken wings in bulk is a process with many steps and details. The first step is to choose chicken, which must be the right size and health for the company. This is done by following the company’s thorough checklist to the letter. After the quality checks are done and passed, the process of machining starts. The company uses a high-tech system to make sure the quality of its products.

We all know that it’s very important to be clean when working with any part of a chicken. So, when separating chicken wings, it is very important to have people help as little as possible and use machines as much as possible. We are the best place to get frozen chicken wings because we do everything with machines that are cleaned and sanitized every day. We cut the chicken wings into middle wings, three wings, wing tips, and whole wings after washing them.

During the cutting and skinning process, we make sure not to hurt the chicken. Our chicken stays of Class A quality because we don’t beat it up. During the process of washing the chicken wings, we make sure there is no blood on the tips. Our meat products don’t have any blood on them, so everyone can eat chicken without going against their religion or nature.

We freeze our chicken wings to help keep them fresh. With chicken wings, our goods are easier to ship, no matter how far they have to go. Once our chicken gets to you, you can be at ease with the way it acts.

The last step is the packaging and delivery. We use either 10kg polyethylene or cartons to package our goods. When we pack your chicken wings in bulk, we’ll make sure they come right to your door thanks to our efficient delivery system. You just tell us what you want when you place an order, and we pack it up and bring it to you while the wings are still frozen.

We care most about making sure our customers are happy, so we make sure that the process of freezing chicken wings goes smoothly and without any problems. Frozen Chicken Wings For Sale – Wholesale Frozen Chicken Wings Supplier

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